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Announcement Archives

Announcement Archives

27-Nov-2016: Life Skills/Resource Room Teacher

20-Nov-2016: TIE-BC Logo Contest - Deadline Dec. 1st

29-Oct-2016: Reps Needed for SPED Manual Review

01-Sep-2016: Job Posting - French Resource Teacher

01-Sep-2016: Job Posting - Resource Room Teacher

01-Sep-2016: PQT/Inquiry Grants

16-Aug-2016: Job Posting - French Resource Teacher

18-Jul-2016: CEA Symposium - First Nations Schools First!

18-Jul-2016: Job Posting - Resource Teacher

14-May-2016: SEA Changes Name to TIE-BC!

06-Apr-2016: Join the PSA of your choice—PSA online registration!

08-Feb-2016: Fund BC Schools

13-Dec-2015: SEA Scholarships Increased

22-Nov-2015: UBC non-credit course, "How Language Works: Success in Literacy and Learning."

02-Oct-2015: Curriculum for ALL - A Self-directed Course from SET-BC

02-Oct-2015: Keynote Speaker for Crosscurrents 2016 Confirmed

26-Jul-2015: Dates set for Crosscurrents 2016

26-Jul-2015: NEW PSA - BC Early Career Teachers' Association

28-Apr-2015: Neuroscience meets Education: Success for Struggling Students

19-Apr-2015: New survey shows kids with special needs being forced to leave public education

19-Apr-2015: UBC Summer Institutes

19-Apr-2015: UBC Summer Institutes (Early Learning Education)

27-Feb-2015: UBC Pro-D Opportunities

21-Feb-2015: Registration Deadline Extended

20-Feb-2015: Gala Dinner Tickets Still Available

19-Feb-2015: Book Launch & Lunch

29-Jan-2015: Gala Dinner Planned

23-Jan-2015: SEA of BC Website Launch