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UBC Summer Institutes (Early Learning Education)


This summer, UBC Faculty of Education is offering a number of summer development opportunities in Early Learning Education. These are specialized institutes that provide for concentrated professional learning.


Early Childhood Education

July 6-17 | EDCP 480B 96A & ECED 565F 96A| UBC Vancouver

academic credit | non-credit registration option

This course will discuss the benefits of active play (indoor and outdoor; structured and unstructured). We will also critically examine current physical activity guidelines and the role of such guidelines in early learning environments.

Register by May 25


Infant Development & Supported Child Development

July 6-17 | ECED 380 96A & ECED 565J 96A | UBC Vancouver

academic credit | non-credit registration option

As a society, we often underestimate the importance of sleep. This course will inform professionals on the ways they can support infants¹ and young children¹s healthy development in relation to sleep.

Register by May 25


Early Reading Strategies

Co-sponsored by the Family Support Institute of BC

Aug 31 ­Sept 2 | UBC Vancouver | non-credit event

This course will focus on supporting individuals with developmental disabilities at beginning stages of learning to read, regardless of age, grade or ability level. Participants will receive guided support in selecting goals and objectives, instructional strategies, materials and resources.

Register by July 20


SRL Inquiry Hub Summer Institute

July 2,3 & 4 | UBC Vancouver | non-credit event

This Institute is designed for any educator interested ³self-regulation² and ³SRL², whether they are just starting their learning in this area, or whether they have already been engaged in inquiry or professional learning about self-regulation and SRL for some time.

Register by May 21